Contracting entities

Contracting entities and users of Ivo Kostov's services are banking institutions, Government agencies, municipalities, courts, private bailiffs, insolvency practitioners, firms that are involved in every branch of economics, law firms, accounting offices, liability companies with special investment purposes (REITs) as well as natural persons.

Ivo Kostov carries out services in his areas of competence mainly for the following contracting entities:
- "First Investment Bank" (Fibank).
- "Reiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)".
- "D Commerce Bank".
- The Ministry of the Interior.
- The National Revenue Agency (Ministry of Finance).
- Varna Municipality.
- The Registry Agency (Ministry of Justice).
- Varna District Court (Ministry of Justice).
- Varna Administrative Court (Ministry of Justice).
- Varna Regional Court (Ministry of Justictice).
- Courts, part of Buglaria's justice system (incl. State bailiffs).
- Private bailiffs.
- Insolvency representatives.
- Law firms.
- Liability companies with special investment purposes (REITs).
- Accounting offices.
- "BDZ Group".
- The Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria.

International Partners:
- GECO MEC 2003 (Romania).
- Property House (Poland).

Other partners:
DVOROVE.BG (the first specialized website in Bulgaria for advertisements that deal with yard transactions), Real Estate Agencies "Yavlena", "VARNA HOME", "J HOME", "BG PROPERTIES & CARE", "TIA ESTATES".