Prices of completing valuation reports:
- Vehicle – 110 lv. and above.
- Manufacturing machine or equipment – 120 lv. and above.
- Private garage – 120 lv. and above.
- Apartment unit – 150 lv. and above.
- Well-regulated land – 200 lv. and above.
- House or a villa – 220 lv. and above.
- Business, office, manufacturing or storage site – 260 lv. and above.
- Financial assets (shares, bonds, bills, records, and others) – 300 lv. and above.
- Hotel – 450 lv. and above.
- Enterprise – 900 lv. and above.
- Other assets – negotiable.

Prices of execution of updates of valuation reports (up to 1 year): 50% of the initial price.

Prices of execution of drafting opinions on offer, sales and rental prices of movable or immovable properties: 120 lv. and above.

Prices of execution of offer or sales prices of other assets or enterprises: negotiable.

Prices of execution of technical expertise: 120 lv. and above.

Prices of execution of Plotting of residential and business properties: 250 lv. and above.

Consultant services: negotiable.

Assistance with granting loans: Free.

Other services: negotiable.

There are discounts available in cases of large scale orders.

The above-mentioned prices are final and every service is invoiced, regardless of whether the clients are natural or legal persons.

The deadlines of execution of service are dependent on the scale of the task as valuations of standard residential, business, office, manufacturing or storage properties can be done in 1-2 days.