Ivo Kostov offers services in six main areas:
- Expert valuations
- Technical expertise
- Plotting of residential and business properties
- Consultant services
- Assistance with granting loans
- Real Estate and other Asset Management.
- NEW SERVICE: Negotiation of discounts/price reductions on the sales or rental prices (of any kind - in the real estate, automobiles, different types of vehicles, production machines, equipment, inventory, financial assets - stocks, bonds, shares, intangible assets, whole enterprises, etc. The activity is carried out by experienced marketers, business analysts, charters, technicians, investors, managers, valuers/appraisers, habilitated university professors, together with representatives of, for more info see and For specific inquiries, it is necessary to make initial contact with Ivo Kostov. The service is offered through contractual relations and its implementation is possible, both in Bulgaria and in other countries.

The prices and deadlines of executing his tasks are dependent on the specific assignment. Detailed information on the different prices can be found here. All services to be executed are paid via banking.

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Ivo Angelov Kostov
IBAN: BG02BUIN95611000114414
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Regardless of the specifics of the assignments, Ivo Kostov follows the principles of integrity, speed of execution and respect towards clients. He does not accept tasks which he is not competent in handling or cannot complete due to the regulatory or other types of limitations.

The results yielded by the provided services can be used for the needs of:
- Buyers and sellers involved in deals of different types of real estate.
- Tenants and landlords involved in rental relations of different types of real estate.
- Banks.
- Non-banking financial institutions.
- Credit Intermediaries.
- Real estate agencies.
- Construction firms.
- Investment firms.
- Consultancy firms.
- Liability companies with special investment purposes (REITs).
- Investment funds.
- Insurance companies.
- Pension companies.
- Ministries.
- Government agencies.
- Courts.
- State and private bailiffs.
- Insolvency practitioners.
- Law firms.
- Accounting offices.
- Municipalities.
- State owned companies.
- Municipality owned firms.
- Private Firms.
- Others.

Ivo Kostov views his work as fulfilling and will be happy to be of service with his competent expertise.

In case there are additional questions, do not hesitate to use the provided contact options.