Other services

Drafting opinions on offer, sales and rental prices of movable or immovable properties (other assets):

They are prepared on the basis of a thorough analysis of the availability of an existing market. Details information is also provided in regards to the level of demand and supply of similar assets to those being viewed.

Prices: 120 lv. and above.

Deadlines: 1 day and above.

Technical expertise:

They are studies of a different nature in relation to movable or immovable properties which include the determining of the condition, age, residual operational sustainability, area, limits, functional patterns, type of construction, etc.

Prices: 120 lv. and above.

Deadlines: 1 day and above.

Plotting of residential and business properties:

The purpose of these documents is to define the areas of separate properties in a specific building as well as its auxiliary premises, differentiate the ideal from common areas of the structure, confirm the ideal areas in the building permit in regards to the yard area or the ideal areas of the yard area.

Prices: 250 lv. and above.

Deadlines: 2 days and above.

Consultant services:

They are done in accordance with the competences of Ivo Kostov and the individual queries of his clients. In case it’s required and upon request of the contractor, the results of consultant services can be presented in written form.

Prices: to be negotiated.

Deadlines: Not defined.

Assistance with granting loans:

This can be done in relation to the different bank products of "D Commerce Bank".

Prices: Free.

Deadlines: Not defined.

Other services:

Prices and Deadlines: to be negotiated.

Discount negotiation/reductions of sales or rental prices (NEW SERVICE):

Discounts/reductions can be of any kind (in the real estate, automobiles, different types of vehicles, production machines, equipment, inventory, financial assets - stocks, bonds, shares, intangible assets, whole enterprises, etc. The activity is carried out by experienced marketers, business analysts, charters, technicians, investors, managers, valuers/appraisers, habilitated university professors, together with representatives of https://www.cod.bg/bg, for more info see https://www.cod.bg/bg/info/dogovaryane-na-otstypki/ and https://ivokostov.com/services.php). For specific inquiries, it is necessary to make initial contact with Ivo Kostov. The service is offered through contractual relations and its implementation is possible, both in Bulgaria and in other countries.

Prices: 50% off the agreed discount (price reduction).

Deadlines: Not defined.

Investment proposal for Town of Chernomorets, Sozopol Municipality, Burgas Region, Bulgaria

The plot for construction of villas (it'’s in a region with the opportunity of being financed by European programmes and more specifically to encourage rural development and rural tourism)