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Иво Костов

Ivo Kostov is a certified valuer, a constituent member of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria and of the Regional College in Varna. He possesses vast professional valuation experience in the areas of business enterprises and claims, financial assets and institutions, real estate, machines and equipment. He is a Chief ASST Professor at the University of Economics – Varna as well as a Ph.D. in Economics and part of the academic staff in the Department of Economics and Management of Construction. He offers valuation expertise, technical expertise and consultancy services, and as such follows the principals of integrity, speed of execution and respect towards clients.

Additional information

Type: A degree in Economics.
Educational Establishment: University of Economics - Varna.
Programme: "Economics of Construction".
Student internship: United Kingdom (2001), USA (2002, 2003).
Higher Education degree: "Bachelor's" (2002), "Master's" (2004).
Acquired a university degree in the relevant scientific area: "Ph.D." (2009).

He has defended a thesis paper in front of HAC (Higher Attestation commission which is part Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria) on the subject of "Investments in real estate in the Republic of Bulgaria".

Public registry of independent valuers of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria:
- Included in reg. № 1579 (by the third quarter of 2020).

Professional experience in the valuation field:
- 2004-2005 – manager and valuation expert of Residential and commercial real estate, of "Imoti i investicii" (an intermediary company that deals with real estate transactions, licensed valuations and construction entrepreneurship).
- 2005-2006 – regional valuer and an employee of "ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria)".
- from 2007 – present – member and manager of "N&K" (a consultant/valuation company with the priority associate set as "Eurobank Bulgaria" /"Postbank"/ for the period of 2007-2012).
- 2008-2020 – valuations for "Expressbank" ("Societe Generale Expressbank").
- 2008-2015 – valuer of "Аllianz Bank Bulgaria".
- 2009-2011, from 2018 – valuer of Varna Municipality.
- 2010-2014 – valuer of "Credit Agricole Bulgaria" ("Emporiki Bank – Bulgaria").
- 2010-2014 – valuer of "BDZ Group".
- from 2010 – present – valuer of the Ministry of the Interior.
- from 2010 – present – valuer of the National Revenue Agency (Ministry of Finance).
- from 2010 – present – valuer of the Registry Agency (Ministry of Justice).
- from 2011 – present – expert of Varna District Court (Ministry of Justice).
- from 2011 – present – expert of Varna Administrative Court (Ministry of Justice).
- from 2011 – present – expert of Varna Regional Court (Ministry of Justice).
- from 2012 – present – valuations for "Reiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)".
- from 2014 – present – valuations for "D Commerce Bank".
- from 2015 – present – valuations for "First Investment Bank" (Fibank).
- from 2017 – present – valuations/expertise for Private bailiffs.
- from 2018 – valuations/expertise for Insolvency representatives.
- from 2018 – valuations/expertise for Law firms.
- from 2019 – valuations/expertise for Liability companies with special investment purposes (REITs).
- from 2019 – valuations/expertise for State bailiffs.
- valuations/expertise for Accounting firms.
- valuations/expertise for Construction and investment companies.
- valuations/expertise for Real Estate Agencies.
- Other valuation activity (from 2004 – present) – self-employed, commissioned by different natural or legal persons in regards to consultations, accounting needs, sales/purchases, liquidations, lease, etc.

Valuation reports:
- For the period of 2004-2020, the number of valuation reports produced constitute over 3000 expert valuations of subjects of different variations which include: business enterprises, financial assets, hotel complexes, residential complexes, solitary buildings in residential complexes, villa areas, landed estates, business buildings, office premises, warehouses, industrial estates, medical centres, machines and equipment, and others.

Other professional experience:
- from 2008 – present – Chief ASST Professor in the Department of Economics and Management of Construction of the Economics University – Varna; subjects that are taught (to bachelors and/or masters) in programmes Economics of Construction/Construction Business and Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurship and Investment Management, Economics of Real Estate/Real Estate and Investment, Business Economics, Tourism, Management, Business Information Systems, Erasmus+ programme: Business Valuation (including to students from Aix-Marseille University, France, Seinajoki University of Applied Science, Finland, UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland, Universite du Maine, France, Hochschule Aschaffenburg, Germany – under the Erasmus+ programme), Real Estate Management and Valuation (to students from Universite du Maine, France, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland, UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, The President Stanislaw Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz, Poland, Kyev National University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine, Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade, Fan Noly University, Albania – under the Erasmus+ programme), Asset Valuation, Management of Real Estate, Management of Real Estate in Tourism, Management of Gated Community Properties, Business Planning, Management of Human Resources, Management of Real Estate Sales, Economic Basics of Real Estate, International Business with Real Estate, Management of Construction Business, Economics of Business Undertakings, Pricing in the field of Construction, Organization of Construction, Internet in Construction, Business Contacts, Real Estate Marketing, Investment and Construction.
- Investor in real estate and other assets, property and other asset management, preparation of technical expertise, plotting of residential and business properties, assistance in lending, negotiation of discounts/price reductions on sale or rental prices of various types of assets.

Scientific papers produced:
- Over 30 publications in Bulgaria and abroad (which includes articles published in Russia, Italy and Poland /including two articles indexed in Scopus – the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature/, studies on the subject "Development in the area of valuation of real estate in Bulgaria" and participation in three monographs on the theme of "Property in the space" which were published in Poland).

Large scale sites that were valued as requested by the following contracting entities as well as for the purposes of "Texim Bank", "ZZK Saglasie", "ZD Saglasie", "Petrol Holding", "PONS Holding", "Lidl Bulgaria EOOD & Co", "Grand Hotel Varna", "Riviera", "Astera I", "Ambassador Tour", "Perla Holidays", "Cliff Golf Holliday Club", "Landmark Properties Bulgaria", "Iri Trade", "Yavor", "CBA Targoviya", "Ficosota Holding", "Eldominvest 1", "Patno stroitelstvo", "Transtriumph Holding", "Ekspres garantsion komers", Palace of Culture and Sports (Varna), "Address Bulgaria Holding", "Stephens Scown Solicitors" (Court – Truro, Cornwall, UK) and others:
- ZZK "Saglasie" – the business.
- ZD "Saglasie" – the business.
- "Grand Hotel Varna" – the business.
- "Green Park" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- "Erma" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- "Astera" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- "Bellevue" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- "Sunrise" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- "Oazis" Hotel (v.c. Riviera).
- "Riviera Beach 1" Hotel (v.c. Riviera).
- "Koraba" Hotel (Chaika resort).
- "Sirius" Hotel (St. St. Konstantin and Helena resort).
- "Perla" Hotel (Slanchev bryag resort/Sunny Beach).
- "Bor" Hotel (Slanchev bryag resort/Sunny Beach).
- Part of "LTI Berlin Golden Beach" Hotel (Golden Sands resort).
- Holiday Centre "Tihiyat kat" (Balchik).
- Holiday Centre "Golden hills" (General Kantardjievo).
- Holiday Centre "Zhivata voda" (Varna).
- Holiday Centre "Diamond residence – Golf club" (Varna).
- Part of "Lighthouse golf resort" golf resort (Balchik).
- Residential Complex "Korona" (Varna).
- Resort and residential complex "Byala Beach Resort" (Byala).
- Commercial and Repair Auto Complex "City auto centre" ("Kia Motors", Varna).
- Automotive Centre "Varna Cars" (BMW, Varna).
- Commercial Administrative Complex "Ekspirian" (Varna).
- Multifunctional building "Opera building" (former building of Tax Office in Varna).
- Repair and reconstruction of the Palace of Culture and Sports (Varna).

Main region of activity:
- District Varna (including Golden Sands, St. St. Konstantin and Helena, Byala).
- District Burgas (including Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Pomorie, Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Tzarevo, Obzor).
- District Dobrich (including Balchik, Albena, Kavarna).
- District Shumen.
- District Targovishte.
- District Razgrad.
- District Silistra.
- District Ruse.
- District Yambol.
- District Sliven and others.

Membership in professional organizations:
- from 2009 – present – one of the founding members of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB).
- from 2010 – present – one of the founding members of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria – Regional College – Varna.
- 2010-2013 – a member of the Council of the Regional College – Varna which is part of CIAB.
- 2014-2017 – a member of the Management Board of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria.
- 2015-2017 – a member of the Council of studies and methodology of the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria.
- from 2015 – present – a member of the Polish scientific community of real estate (TNN – Poland), which publishes Scopus indexed magazine Real Estate Management and Valuation.
- from 2019 – present – a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.

Other Memberships:
- from 2008 – present – Member of the Organizational committee of the international scientific
- practical conference "Construction entrepreneurship and real estate" in the Economics University – Varna.
- 2015-2016 – Member of the Organizational committee and Editorial college included in the annual national conference of the Independent Appraiser in Bulgaria "Relevant subjects in regards to valuation practices" in relation to CIAB.
- 2015-2016, от 2018 – member of the Editorial college in relation to the international scientific-practical conference "Construction entrepreneurship and real estate" in the Economics University – Varna.
- from 2016 – present – Member of the Scientific Council of Journal of the Greater Poland association of valuers of real estate (SRMWW) Poland.
- from 2016 – present – Member of the Scientific Council of the International Scientific Conference "Property in the space", Poland.
- from 2016 – present – Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Management in affiliation to the Economics University in Katowice, Poland; a reviewer of magazine articles.
- from 2018 – present – Member of the Editorial Team (Reviewer) of Journal of the Polish Real Estate Scientific Society REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT AND VALUATION (REMV), indexed in Scopus.
- from 2020 – present – Reviewer for JOURNAL OF HOUSING AND THE BUILD ENVIRONMENT (Springer – Springer Nature Switzerland AG), indexed in Scopus.

Participation in events of substantial significance:
- A delegate (from CIAB’s side) in the Annual general meeting of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), held in Paris (France).
- A seminar of the subject "Influence of Europe’s Regulations framework and European valuation standards" with Krzysztof Grzesik as a lecturer who is also president of TEGoVA.
- A representative (from CIAB’s side) in the workshop of the international "Valuation Vocational Training project", held in London (United Kingdom) – the project is also related to the Erasmus programme and is led by the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation /IRRV/ (United Kingdom).
- Third national conference of the Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria on the theme of "Relevant subjects in regards to valuation practices" – participants in the event include TEGoVA’s president as well as valuers from RICS (United Kingdom).
- Scientific conferences of the Polish Real Estate Scientific Society (TNN), organized in Katowice, Lodz and Krakow (Poland).
- International scientific conferences of the topic of "Property in the space", set up in Poznan, Bydgoszcz, and Kalisz (Poland).
- Head of summer practice of students studying at the University of Economics - Varna at the hosting institution St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics, Russia.
- International scientific conferences held in Saint Petersburg (Russia).
- Working visit in relation to the United Arab Emirates’ Infrastructural development (Dubai, Abu Dabi, Sharjah).
- Working visit with the purpose of studying the real estate market in Barcelona (Spain).
- Working visits of Romania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium.
- 25th-anniversary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) conference, held in Perugia (Italy) and organized by the Croatian Information Technology Society.
- Visiting lecturer at Poznan University of Economics and Business as well as at the President Stanislaw Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz – under the Erasmus+ programme.
- Lecturer (along with George Dogarescu, Ph.D., Romania) in the international seminar on the topic of "Return on investments in Rental Real Estate – apartments. Application of the method of extracting residual value during valuation of the granted building lease", which was coordinated by the Chamber of Independent Valuers in Bulgaria, Regional College – Varna.
- Lecturer in courses of the National Association of Real Estate.
- The first speaker at a business forum of the Landlords Association in Bulgaria ("How to turn your property into a profitable business – seven steps to success").

Participation in projects:
- Registered participation in two university scientific projects, annual participation in projects for the organization of scientific events, professional guild projects, an international project with the involvement of professional evaluation organizations from five EU Member States, as well as many other projects with practical orientation funded under European programs.

Ivo Kostov on YouTube:
- Business Valuation (Appraisal) in Bulgaria, Business Valuer (Appraiser).
- Valuations (Appraisal) of Financial Assets and Institutions in Bulgaria, Valuer (Appraiser) of Financial Assets and Institutions.
- Real Estate (Property) Valuation (Appraisal) in Bulgaria, Real Estate (Property) Valuer (Appraiser).
- Valuation (Appraisal) of Machines and Equipment in Bulgaria, Valuer (Appraiser) of Machines and Equipment.

Orcid iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5623-471X

Scopus Author ID: 57193949350